Miller Stopfall System

The Miller StopFall System with Tongue Buckle features a rugged pole strap constructed of nylon safety strapping with a non-slip rubber belting interior and a nylon webbing security strap with rubber belting and unique gaffs that bite into wood poles, whether dry, wet, conduit or ice covered. The Miller StopFall System easily adjusts to fit poles with a 25 to 50-inch (635 to 1270 mm) circumference. The unit is designed to easily and naturally climb wood poles in a position that’s both comfortable and ergonomically accepted. The Miller StopFall Fall Restraint Device with Tongue Buckle was created for linemen by linemen to make pole climbing as safe, comfortable and convenient as possible, eliminating room for error and increasing safety.The only wood pole product of its type, it provides a straightforward solution allowing workers to climb naturally and instinctively.The unique spring-loaded cinching feature of the Miller StopFall keeps the unit in constant contact around the pole. Its minimal points of adjustment make worker training quick and easy.

Miller StopFall Fall Restraint System – Tongue Buckle

  • Automatic spring-loaded cinching feature – Miller Exclusive!
  • Easy to use and adjust when hitchhiking wood poles
  • For use on transmission and distribution poles
  • 100% inspection
  • Accommodates wood poles ranging from 20-in. to 60-in. circumference
  • Unique gaffs provide excellent stopping power on dry, wet or icy poles

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*Miller StopFalls are custom ordered and take 10 – 14 days to ship.

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