Custom Embroidery from Contractor’s Clothing

Custom Embroidery from Contractor's Clothing

You’ve got the equipment and the people to use it. What’s missing? Take your company to the next level with custom embroidered apparel. Get your logo embroidered onto uniforms, jackets, shirts, hats – almost everything in our store is embroidery-ready.

We offer hundreds of products from world-famous brands including Carhartt, Nike, and Dickies – and we’re working hard to bring you more choices from new brands all the time. We’ve got apparel for construction contractors, medical personnel, and even corporate apparel for use around the office. No matter what you need done, we can help get your logo embroidered beautifully onto high-quality clothing. Orders are completed within 7-10 days of processing the order, so you won’t have to wait long to get your custom embroidered workwear.

How do we convert your logo into a embroidered form? We have a digitization process that converts an image file into a series of stitches through a computer program. This program can then send instructions to the embroidery machines, allowing us to easily embroider even complex images. This process sometimes requires minor alterations to the logo to allow for conversion, but we will get your approval on any altered version before moving forward in the process.

For added convenience and value, we offer quantity discounts based on the number of pieces in your order. Our discount includes shirts, hats and/or jackets. If you receive your product and find any defects with the embroidery, we will accept returns and redo the work at no cost!
Be sure to check out our galleries for some great examples of Contractor’s Clothing Custom Embroidery. Maybe you’ll even find some inspiration for your own embroidered custom apparel among the images of quality work we’ve done.

To get the ball rolling for your Custom Embroidery order, email Contractor’s Clothing at for more information or to submit an order. You can also call 1.800.383.1117 or use the online order form!

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