Blue Armor 2000 Series

Werner is a trusted name in fall protection products and The Blue Armor 200 series is a great choice when looking for safe, secure and effective harnesses.  Turn to National Ladder & Scaffold Co. for all of your equipment needs this fall!  Our harnesses are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of application combining inspectability, adjustability, safe performance, and can even be manipulated in a post-fall condition.

Werner Blue Armor 2000 harnesses are designed and manufactured for the most demanding applications and serious professional users. The WebAlert inspectable webbing feature makes wear and damage visible and obvious. These harnesses feature 5-point adjustment options for optimal fit, lightweight hardware and pads, and bright colors for worker visibility on the jobsite. The back pad is breathable, and large enough to protect the user’s back, as well as padded to absorb sweat, and designed to prevent tangling during wear. These harnesses feature shoulder pads that provide additional user comfort, as well. They also feature Hip D-rings for positioning applications, a quick connect chest buckle, and lastly, tongue buckle leg straps that are ideal for multiple users.

Come to our online store to view our line of  Werner harnesses, as well as our wide line of fall protection and other products to fit your needs. If you order now, you will receive FREE shipping on any fall protection purchase. If you have any questions concerning your order, please contact us at or call us at 1-888-725-5995.

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