Why Buy Aluminum Scaffolding?

It is no secret that Upright aluminum scaffolding is lighter than steel scaffolding, but it is also more useful and adaptable than steel.

Upright aluminum scaffolding is designed to allow the builder to position the braces where needed instead of having to put them in a specific set location like steel scaffold and other types of scaffold. This allows you to build the Upright aluminum scaffolding over, around and even on objects and obstructions.

Aluminum Scaffolding

This flexible brace placement allows you the stagger the Upright aluminum scaffold frames which is needed when building a scaffold on stairs for example.

In this picture you see an Upright aluminum scaffold tower that is built on stairs. The frames are staggered, meaning they are positioned at different elevations. The aluminum scaffold base frame on the right was positioned at the top of the stairs and the aluminum scaffold base frame on the left was positioned four steps lower. The scaffold builder used the built-in leg levelers to align the scaffold rungs so that they were level, even though the tops of the base frames were at different heights.

The scaffold erector then put a 3-rung Upright aluminum scaffold extension frame on top of the aluminum scaffold base frame on the right and a 4-rung Upright aluminum extension frame on the base section to the left. Finally, an Upright aluminum scaffold guardrail section was added to the top.