Rolling Steel Ladders

Cotterman has a full line of rolling steel ladders designed for warehouse and office use. Cotterman engineers are involved in ANSI and other regulatory boards to ensure that the final products are the result of top-notch research and collaboration.

National Ladder and Scaffold Co. is the country’s #1 distributor of official Cotterman products. No matter what your environment or needs, they’ve got the perfect rolling ladder for you.

Office-Use Ladders

For lighter use in indoor environments like office buildings, consider the Cotterman Series 1200 and Series 1700 Easy Climb Ladders.

Rugged, Outdoor Ladders

The Cotterman Set-up Series 1000 Rolling Steel Ladders and Knock-Down Series 1500 and Series 2600 Ladders are perfect for construction site use with the Grip Strut step option.

Foldable / Knock Down Transportable Ladders

For when you need your ladders to be as portable as possible without sacrificing durability, consider the Series 1500, Series 2600, and the Cotterman Series 6500 Roll-N-Fold Rolling Steel Ladder.

Our Cotterman rolling steel warehouse ladders give you plenty of customization options, from size and step type to the color of the finish. Do you need rubber tread steps for office use, or self-cleaning grip strut steps for rugged outdoor use? It’s your choice. You also have the choice of gray, beige, dark brown, yellow, black, green, blue, red, white, orange and light gray powder coat finishes as well as a chrome finish. Our powder coating finishes outperform nearly every other finish in the industry. It’s environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, and very durable.

Cotterman Ladders are designed to the strict guidelines of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the regulations of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

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