Cotterman Ladders

Cotterman Ladders

  • Quality Ladders Since 1935
  • Designed in the USA
  • Meet or Exceed OSHA and ANSI Standards
  • Best Value for Top-Market Cotterman Ladders
  • 1-Year Warranty Guaranteed

When you buy American-made Cotterman Ladders you buy superior, time-tested craftsmanship and solid safety. National Ladder & Scaffold Co. knows Cotterman best and we’ll direct you to the Cotterman Ladders that work best for you. Cotterman Ladders are given a top-performing zinc-rich primer and gray powder coat finish which prevents corrosion and makes your Cotterman Ladders outlast other brands. Built for your safety and ease-of-use, all Cotterman Ladders have 4” wheels made for easy rolling from job to job, making your job easier. Cotterman Ladders have comfortable climbing steps with easy climbing angles ranging from 50 to 59 degrees. Sturdy 30” high handrails and large steps with no-slip great grip add to your maximum stability. Right, left or double handrail arrangements suit your work needs and add extra stability. Add to all this Cotterman’s Safe-Lock, which locks your ladder’s wheels in place, keeping your ladder absolutely stable while you’re on it and saving you from accidents. Complete ease-of-use, easy rolling job to job and unique safety features found only on Cotterman Ladders makes a Cotterman Ladder your optimal choice. Nobody knows Cotterman Ladders like National Ladder & Scaffold Co. so call us at 1-888-725-5995 to have our experts advise you on your purchase of your Cotterman Ladders today.

All Cotterman Ladders are Custom Made to Your Specifications

With a long list of customizable options you can optimize your Cotterman Ladder to your exact needs. Cotterman Ladders are available in aluminum, steel and stainless steel and most models come standard with durable self-cleaning Expanded Metal Steps. However, you can customize your steps to match your specifications, including:

  • Grip Strut: Heavy duty, raised-diamond grip, the most rugged self-cleaning step available
  • Performa Perforated: Ultimate traction, outperforming in slip-resistance all other designs now on market. Available on ladders 18” and 26” wide.
  • Rubber Tread: Non-slip ribbed rubber tread on a solid metal step. Designed for office use.
  • Deep Top Step: Affording you maximum space and stability, at 20” deep or 30” deep.

Your many other customizable options include handrail features, ladder maneuverability upgrades, and more. Free of charge, coat your Cotterman Ladders with your pick of 12 colors in durable high gloss powder coat finish in red, orange, green and more. And Cotterman’s powder coating is environmentally friendly, emitting no harmful chemicals and no hazardous waste—a plus for sure. All just another example of Cotterman’s dedication to through-and-through absolute excellence in every aspect of Cotterman Ladders. When you call 1-888-725-5995 National Ladder & Scaffold Co. helps you get the most out of your customization, making your order as easy as possible.

Cotterman Ladders: Made American Tough and Most Practical

Made entirely in America, Cotterman Ladders carry the American heritage of craftsmanship and making great products built tough, always practical. At the heavy duty end, Cotterman Series 2600 is a superior line of steel safety ladders designed and constructed for extra heavy duty use, with extra bracing and heavier materials to resist damage. At the everyday-job end is the Cotterman Series 1000, the flagship Cotterman Ladders line. Because of its dependable durability and simple ease-of-use, it’s the best-selling Cotterman Ladder. Nobody knows the ins and outs of Cotterman Ladders like National Ladder & Scaffold Co. and we’ll make sure you get the most benefit out of your order, tailoring it exactly to your needs. Call National Ladder & Scaffold Co. today at 1-888-725-5995 and get the best value on your Cotterman Ladders with the best advice on how to do it.

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